METI Import provides an array of services and solutions to clients with expert experience in import and export trading operations. Boasting several years of experience in this field, we strive to provide the highest-grade construction inputs, raw materials, agrochemicals, veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals, and consumable goods of various grades to manufacturers and consumers alike in Ethiopia. In addition, our distribution department is expanding its product portfolio on a yearly basis – we are currently the main distributors for esteemed international manufacturers as well as local manufacturers engaged in a variety of industries which include edible oils and steel products amongst a few others.


     At METI, we are proud to be exporters of various agricultural products. Our export service offers a broad range of top-quality coffee, sesame seeds, and other crops at competitive prices. We work diligently to meet the needs and desires of both our international buyers and local producers with whom we partner to bring the highest quality products to market. By providing high-quality products, flexibility in delivery times of orders, as well as convenience in payment methods and delivery options – we strive to exceed customer expectations.


    Our distribution team is unmatched, comprised of highly-seasoned and capable professionals with decades of experience working for renowned, international brands. Our distribution stores are strategically located across the country, enabling us to cultivate a comprehensive distribution network that extends far beyond the capital city of Addis Ababa, reaching all other regions in the nation.