Meti trading


Meti import constitutes of a team with several years of experience in the import and export trading sector that allows us to thrive in the industry. Our import division is currently engaged in bringing in and distributing high-grade construction inputs and different raw materials for a wide variety of manufacturers and consumers in Ethiopia. In addition, we bring in agrochemicals, veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals, and consumable goods of different qualities.

Meti Trading PLC currently operates a diverse distribution department in regards to products and plans to expand its product portfolio even more over the coming years. We are currently the main distributors for a couple of the largest and most reputable manufacturing companies in the food and beverage industry such as edible oils as well as construction materials such as steel products in Ethiopia


Meti exports different types of agricultural products such as cotton, sesame seeds, fruits, and vegetables to countries all around the world. We work to better satisfy the needs and interests of both the local producers and our buyers from around the globe.

Our distribution team consists of exceptionally competent and seasoned staff members who have decades of experience working for large and internationally recognized brands. This along with our stores which are strategically placed in ideal locations throughout the country has allowed us to be able to develop an advanced distribution system and network that reaches beyond the capital city of Addis Ababa and into other regions within the nation.