Who We Are

|Our Mission

We, Meti Trading PLC, are committed to sustaining our reputation as reliable, customer-oriented, dynamic players in the market by continuously enhancing the quality of our services through supplying the latest, most durable, and cost-effective goods and services.


|Our Vision

Meti Trading PLC strives to become the leading provider of high-end commercial and residential spaces of luxurious as well as economical types, manufacturer of construction inputs, and importer & exporter of premium quality goods of all types.

|Our Core Values

To fulfilling the above mentioned vision and mission, Meti maintains high ethical standards and believes in:                                                                               -Integrity and superior quality of service,                                                                 -Fulfilling our commitments,                                                                                       -Ensuring satisfaction, and                                                                                         -Providing on time service and delivery.